Android Courier Tracking App

We have created the GPS Courier Tracking application for Android devices by talking and listening to couriers and their needs. The Courier Tracking app is currently only available on the Android platform for mobile phones and 3G enabled tablet devices.

You can add real value to your business and increase your profile using social media with the GPS Courier Tracking Application.

1. Show your customers where you are with their goods via a tracking map either on your website or via Fetch It Now.
2. Accept bookings directly to the app via your own unique booking form that you can embedded into your website.*
3. Ability to show your availability to take on additional work on the move via the simple traffic light system.
4. Broadcast to other networked couriers your need to fill your vehicle on either an outbound journey or return journey.
5. View public, trade and private jobs placed on Fetch It Now and contact those requiring the services of couriers.
6. Basic proof of collection/delivery notification sent via email. Instantly sends your customer an email with the name, position within the company, date and time of the item being collected or delivered. Sent as a basic email with your email address and contact details.
7. The application also updates Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin with requests for work and when you use the application. Quickly building a public profile of your business.
8. Supports multiple drivers at no additional cost.
9. POD documentation with full signature caputre (supported via Android and iOS) by PDF

Utilising both Google Maps and Navigation applications, the FIN app provides a powerful tracking and SAT NAV tool that is very user friendly.

Download the application via the Android Market Place by searching for the Courier Tracking by or use the barcode scanner to scan the image to the right.

Next register your details with us using the link at the top of this page. Then log in to the application using the same username and password that you opted for when registering.

Instructions on how to use the application can be viewed here.

The application can run on all Android devices running Android 1.6 and above and will require the use of an internet connection, GPRS or 2G service as a minimum.

The application will be upgraded from time to time but if you feel that there are features that would make it more useful to other couriers please feel free to email us at

If you wish for this application to be interlinked to your own CRM for your sole use without linking to Fetch It Now please contact us at:

WARNING: It is not advised that you interact with the application whilst driving. If you use the application whilst driving you will no doubt be in breach of local laws. Fetch It Now does not accept any responsibility should you use this application whilst driving and you do so at your own risk. It is advised that if you wish to alter or view the application please ensure that you have stopped your vehicle in a suitable place to do so and your vehicle is not in motion.

Use your barcode scanner to access the Android Market to down load this app for your Android phone.

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