Graduated Fixed Penalty Scheme

Graduated Fixed Penalty Scheme

VOSA examiners will start issuing fixed penalty notices from 28th May and for companies with an O Licence steps should be taken to prepare for this. It will be seen as good practice to issue drivers with a letter explaining the new regulations in particular the requirement for companies to notify relevant fixed penalties to Traffic Commissioners.

The new legislation allows fixed penalties to be issued in relation to:

Driversí hours and records
Goods vehicle operator licensing
Vehicle prohibitions

Depending on the level of offence graduated penalties can also be issued according to the level of offence and these apply to:

Driversí hours
Driversí records
Construction and use, in particular in relation to overloading, speed limiters and tyre tread depth.

If you operating within the law then none of the above should cause a problem but there will always be situations when genuine mistakes are made through lack of knowledge or specific delivery circumstances and unfortunately the degree of leniency taken by the authorities is unknown.

The best way to avoid any difficulties is to inform and train drivers and to ask for advice when unsure.

Specific help can be provided by Progressive Logistics in the form of an O Licence audit to ensure you are legally up to date or perhaps some help with driver training preparing briefing documents or in this case helping with a suitable procedure and letter for drivers.

The main thing is to be prepared so that you are not the next VOSA statistic.

Article supplied by Chris Metcalfe of Progressive Logistics

If you wish to contact Chris direct please call 01606 851472 or 07859 038536 for further details

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