Why Are Courier Services So Expensive

Time and time again the question is asked why couriers are so expensive. The following article puts a clarification and justification forward to the prices that you are quoted so you know that in reality the price you are given might actually be very cheap.

With the majority of couriers, prices are quoted based on the miles covered between delivery and collection. This is quoted normally as Pence Per Mile and varies mainly due to the size of vehicle required to accommodate your request. For example the price of a small van to move say a small office desk will be cheaper than a large van having to move several large desks.

For a courier to operate effectively and to remain profitable they must be able to cover their outgoing costs but for a courier these can be very expensive. A courier must have a van to use (ok a bit obvious), fuel, and insurance. On top of this there will be the drivers’ wages, consumables for the vehicle plus other expenses like stationary and utility bills. All of the above are factored in when you get a quote.

Another factor to consider when booking a courier is you are paying a premium for a service of a dedicated man or woman, van and their time. The dedicated courier will turn up at your collection address then go to the delivery address in the quickest (legally allowed) time possible.

So what tips are there for obtaining a courier quote?

1. Make sure you have all the delivery and collection details to hand.
2. If you see any delays in loading or unloading the vehicle let the courier know in advance as a courier shall and seldom do charge for waiting time if there are any delays in loading or unloading a vehicle.
3. Be clear about what you want to moving and if possible the dimensions to hand. If you think it might fit in your choice of van size and it doesn’t then you might end up paying more than you anticipated for a bigger van to attend.
4. If you need your goods moving the same day you need to be prepared to pay a premium for it. The same can be said for weekend or Bank Holiday.
5. If you don’t need it moved the same day how about being flexible with delivery and/or collection dates. Some (not all) couriers will map out their work days sometimes weeks in advance and could offer a slightly reduced rate if they are able to do your request along side someone else’s. It is logistically more difficult to achieve but it can reduce the costs if you believe that the same day route is too expensive.

If you do wish to try and see if a courier can logistically fit you in then instead of phoning round try
Fetch It Now’s job posting service. It puts your request for your item to be moved in front of no less than 500 couriers across the UK. It is a totally free service to use and saves you time and money.

Finally, don’t expect a dedicated courier to be anywhere near as cheap as Royal Mail, DHL or any other parcel carrier. The above companies operate in a totally different way to a same day courier and operate based on volumes of items moved at any given point. Calling a courier and asking for your newly purchased bargain from eBay to be delivered from London to Glasgow for £10 will be generally met with a bit of light laughter and then the phone going dead.

I hope you have found the above article on “Why Are Couriers So Expensive” useful.

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